Since 2003, Dirox has contributed to a wide range of software developments from short term projects to fully fledged product lines, involving complex technical back ends, front ends or mobile platforms, always with the same focus toward quality, time, cost efficiency and excellence.
Dirox has the know how and creativity to deliver your project or product line with you involved at every step of our development processes.
Passion and Flow instillates premium quality and attention to details. Project are taken with fresh energy and enthusiasm.
While we share knowledge and experience, we listen hard to understand your business needs. We know how to drive and execute.
Your one stop shop making all your works the best they can possibly be, no matter what it takes to get there.

How we can work with you

Third party applicative maintenance
Software Execution for IT Clients
Products & Services for non IT Clients
We have hundreds of man years of software development and maintenance experience on Java, ASP.NET, Php, for public an private sector, in media, telco, banking industries.
We take on projects with agile execution or not, with full or limited architecture details, specs, architecture, ux and ui design and we complement with you what needs be.
Bring in your project idea from early stage reqs. We'll provide plans for architecture, detailed specs, ux / ui design, execution, hosting, deployment, support and operation.
Be our talent
  • Web
    Advanced web development capabilities is also part of our DNA. In a fast changing technology world, it is important to keep updated with the newest trends, technologies and methodologies. We are able to provide a premium IT expertise to our clients.
  • Mobile
    Our mobile business unit delivers native or cross platform mobile solutions. From serious, business apps to edutainment or games, our architects can provide their expertise and recommendations to assist you technically or regarding your business innovation.
  • B.P.O
    We dedicate our teams to be your production house for application development and maintenance needs. Beyond pure IT, we bring better understanding coming from keen attention to detail and we deliver an effective, bespoke, tailor made result.
  • Techno
    Application Platforms - Java, ASP.NET, Php Frameworks :: Web / CMS / Ecommerce - Symfony, CodeIgniter, Drupal, Magento, Wordpress, HTML/CSS, Javascript Frameworks, Django / Python, Ruby :: Mobile - iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Unity, Xamarin



Mobile App - Monitor Website Uptime and Status

Bank of Scottia by TDJ

Web App - HR Management System for Banks

Atlassian Plugins

Atlassian - Java/J2EE - Confluence 5.0 Plugins for Document Management

Private Reporting

Web App - Pilot and Monitor your all your Investments in real time

Damian by Mischelle

Mobile App - Digital Jewelry Showroom

Sofialys Adserver

Product Line - First Class Adserver for telecom operators worldwide

Any Arena

Nokia Mobile App - Nightlife and Events in Saigon

Tết Game

Mobile App - Multi device Mobile Game


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