Cross platform / game / e-commerce

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, the Social Voucher team is built around e-commerce, augmented reality and mobile gaming experts focused on creating innovative e-commerce solutions.

Business challenge

Social Voucher introduces an innovative way to discover trending products and shop-all while playing an immersive game.  Stocket, name of the hybrid of mobile gaming and e-commerce allows to create and manage owned stores.

Project description

Dirox participated in building the platform with a mixed talent pool. Convinced by the quality of our delivery, Social Voucher has renewed the partnership with Dirox.

Stocket Poster

Value delivered

Motived by the project and the success of the platform, our team becomes a strong partner, reactive and innovative, with a deep technical knowledge of the product.

Project & technology stack

Unity, NodeJS/MongoDB

1 Project Manager

6 Developers

3 QC

24 months of partnership

Available on : 

Apple Store
Google play store

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