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To keep up with the pace of the ever-changing world of digital transformations, businesses adopt a more modern strategy to deliver their products and services to the hands of their customers.

In the retail industry, Walmart is stepping up its game with the newest digital transformation success: voice ordering. It is now possible for customers to shop at Walmart anywhere through voice command devices such as Alexa or Google Home. In the banking industry, J.P. Morgan is entering the metaverse to operate their bank in the virtual world much the same as in reality, allowing customers to conduct transactions, take a loan, and more.

Business digital transformation gives the customers more options to access the product or service which increases the chances of purchase while businesses benefit from the wider sources of data which results in more insights and better productivity.

If you are looking to transform your business digitally, our company provides consultation and other services to take you to your destination!

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Introduction to Business Digital Transformation

Jumping into business digital transformation can be hard not knowing where to start. What happens in digital transformation and what is gained from choosing to transform your business digitally? 

When a business goes through a business digital transformation, changes will happen to four following components: culture, business process, business model, and domain. The company culture has to adapt to the new changes to understand how to handle a wider target market, which is called domain. After the transformation, your business will renew its business process and model. 

The term “digital transformation” is often mistaken for other similar sounding terms such as digitization – which makes an activity digital but does not change the business process, and digitalization – which turns your organization into a digital business.

In short, business digital transformation uses digital technology to create new or alter existing business processes, culture, and customer experience. Combined with the perfect strategy, your business can be a leading name in the industry.

Our Company's Offshore Business Digital Transformation Services

  • AGILE delivery transformation
  • Business-led tech and data platform consulting
  • Industry capability definition
  • Organizational agility & change management
  • Clear integrated strategy formulation
  • Governance, risk management
  • Training program development
  • Transformation process monitoring & optimization
  • CX (Customer eXperience) strategy and experience design
  • Program & product management

Why Use Outsourced Business Digital Transformation Services?

  • Redefine customer experience to boost loyalty and sales
  • Power your transformation with new technology capabilities
  • Orchestrate an efficient, sustained, full-scale transformation
  • Generate new revenue streams with analytics and insights
  • Inspire innovation with an easeful transformation process

Applications of Business Digital Transformation

  • Engage better with customers by stretching your digital reach on social media and in virtual worlds
  • Integrate into customers’ homes through their virtual assistant devices like Google Home
  • Compete stronger in a constantly changing environment in response to technological changes
  • Reduce cost by investing in time-saving processes that are most suitable for your business
  • Drive the culture of innovation in your organization and step up in the industry

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Your Questions About Business Digital Transformation

The technologies useful for digital transformation include Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), automation and workflow, compliance & security, data management & integration, infrastructure & cloud, reporting, planning, and data analytics. With these technologies, your digital transformation will enhance existing software which will improve customer relations, reporting and analytics, revenue and reduce inefficiencies, costs, and risks. This will give you a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing world.
The two terms are already similar in writing, but what do they mean exactly? Digitization changes an analog process to digital and digitalization adds new technologies to change the business model and create new opportunities. Both digitization and digitalization can be a part of the digital transformation, adding the digital factor to an organization, and bringing them one step closer to a higher level of success.
Measuring the digital transformation process is similar to measuring the effectiveness of any organizational activity, with performance indicators. Many metrics evaluate how your organization is handling the transformation, such as: using a digital transformation scorecard, contrasting outcomes against predefined KPIs, and measuring what was gained compared to the digital investments.
When your business decides to undergo digital transformation, your employees may be anxious about what’s to come. There are a few ways you can help prepare them for the inevitable change. Adapting your organization to digital transformation can be challenging due to how fast and constant the digital landscape changes. Many worry about technology replacing them but digital transformations are not meant to replace people, but rather complete redundant tasks so that the power of the mind can be placed on more important tasks. To prepare for the new change, companies need to start from the baseline and create a skills development plan. Adding new digital collaboration tools to your business means your employees work more efficiently in a result-oriented environment and innovate a new working experience for themselves. When introducing technology into a work style, businesses need to pay attention to closing the skill gap by reskilling or upskilling, giving opportunities to learn about new software programs and how it is used in their job. 97% of companies also say they believe the company culture is important for digital transformation. To make the change easier to accept, employees can be involved in the process by letting them think up a new process with the technology and break down the old organizational silo. It is also crucial for companies to align their business goals with their employees, as only 47% of employees agree that their employers communicated well about how digital skills influence the success of the company. Because it is such a challenging job, many businesses come to Dirox for a detailed DTC (Digital Transformation Consulting) to share the responsibility. We have teams of growth hackers, experts, and specialists that have successfully been behind the digital transformations of many companies. Consult with us to suit up for the technological future.