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Brand and market consulting outsourcing in Vietnam

Do you lack the skills, tools, or resources to build a Class-A brand? Do you want to make the best 1st impression on your audience? Our company offers the services of remote seasoned branding & marketing experts!

Dirox shares ideas, solutions, and strategies for the growth & development of your company’s image, reputation, and client base.

Whether you are a start-up on the lookout for a truly unique identity to put you on the map or you represent an established company open to a fresh take on your marketing strategy, we provide the offshore services of creative minds to help you become you!

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Introduction to Branding & Marketing

What are branding and marketing exactly? Why are they important?

In the information era, some would argue that these disciplines are at the core of every business project. Indeed, nowadays, image and reputation determine the success or failure of your enterprise. This is why Branding & Marketing are central concerns that should not be overlooked, especially in a very competitive and globalized world where you need to stand out!

Branding’s mission is to create a relevant, coherent, and memorable image of your products and services in the public’s mind. It adds credibility, legitimacy, and trustworthiness to your business. As such, logos, colors, visual assets, fonts, messages, slogans and taglines… are all tools that need to be refined to ensure that your company’s identity is understood, recognized, and cherished by its potential customers.

Marketing comes next and revolves around long-term communication strategies. It comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but all marketing tools & supports share common goals: make your company famous, attract and retain customers.

In a nutshell, branding sets out the ground rules and symbols for a company’s communication, while marketing is the strategic planning of actions to deliver your message. Branding & Marketing are thus the life of your company, its core DNA, and your best ally to make an impression on your audience.

Our Company’s Offshore Services of Branding & Marketing

Branding Consultancy:
  • Business, product or service naming 
  • Brand identity guidelines & concepts
  • Brand messaging statements
  • Vision & mission statements
  • Internal communication
  • Presentation design
  • Customer persona development
  • Logo design
  • Brochure & stationery design
  • Packaging & product design
  • Website design and digital assets
Marketing Consultancy:
  • Market & competitors studies
  • Marketing plans & promotion strategies
  • Content consulting & creation
  • Landing page design for marketing campaigns
  • Email marketing & newsletters
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA / PPC) on Google Ads & Bing Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • E-Reputation consulting
  • KPI reporting & analytics

Why Use our Outsourced Branding & Marketing Services?

Examples of Applications of Branding & Marketing Services

Why choose Dirox for Branding & Marketing Services in Vietnam?

Creativity & Relevancy

Propositions & advice for all industries, B2B, F&B, Industry, Tourism, Tech, Health, Automobile, Finance, Arts & Crafts, NGO, and more! Western consultants with an international experience in countless projects to get the Best Practices in every situation.

Affordability & Quality

Rates are lower than that of European & American Branding & Marketing agencies. Affordable experts' insights and advice and better R.O.I for all your activities.

Convenience & Cohesion

A one-stop shop with active communication between all Dirox’s services: Branding, Marketing, Business, App Development, Testing… to make sure your project is handled smoothly and coherently.

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Your Questions about Branding & Marketing

At Dirox, we welcome entrepreneurs with big dreams who want things to be straightforward so that they can focus more on the well-being of their projects. Instead of hiring multiple companies for the same product, we want to make your life easier by offering the manpower and skills that are needed throughout the whole development process of your project. By doing so, our clients do not waste their time searching for many partners and have the guarantee to deal with experienced experts that will know their project in and out for the best outcomes possible. If coding is central to your digital product project, we want to do more and use our experience in the digital market to help you thrive! We love to share our tips, techniques & ideas with you, and that is why we want to help conceptualize, promote and improve your product in its totality to make sure it has the best chances of success, and to build a lasting relationship with you.
We’re here to help you build it all from scratch! Our Branding consultants are used to working with very few elements, and next to no documentation, while you focus on your main activity. To build your brand effectively, we will learn more about yourself, your history, and your objectives, and we will research your industry, your target audience, and the best practices in the field studied. We will communicate through your preferred channels to share ideas, experiences, and examples. Then, we will offer various options with what we believe are the best solutions for the image of your service, product, or company. Once we have chosen the most relevant angle, we will create a box of tools that will be used for your promotion, such as mood boards, visual assets, logos, and more.
The first step when it comes to branding is to define the 4 following elements: a logo, a color palette, typeface(s), and a brand voice. They need to be matched and aim for cohesion. But to get this cohesion, before you create these elements you need to understand the story you want to tell and serve it with purpose, and not only because “it looks good”. This means understanding your origins, values, culture, and vision and then creating a brand identity based on these foundations. Once the core brand identity is established, it is of utmost importance that it is used in every piece of your communication to maintain consistency. This is achieved by creating a “brand guideline”, which is a set of rules or a “how-to” guide that explains how your business should be presented to the world.
This all depends on your business type, industry, audience, and goals. At least to a certain extent. For almost any business, a website or a landing page is indeed a must-have, as it is a prime tool for conversion. Increasing organic (i.e. unpaid) traffic to that website also seems a no-brainer, and that is why an SEO strategy is almost always welcomed. A clear social media presence is also central nowadays since customers are very in demand of interaction with brands. Social Media helps raise awareness, inform your audience, and push them further down the sales funnel. Beyond these three “pillars”, digital marketing offers many other channels and contents to consider to build a “global” strategy: Videos, brochures, email campaigns, sponsored content, ads, and e-reputation… which need to be put to the test to achieve the best results. Our marketing analysts consider all relevant tools and assess their efficiency with careful reporting of the KPIs to ensure every buck is spent responsibly. Over time, budget repartition will change to ensure optimal R.O.I.