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Private Reporting is an Australian fintech company selling a powerful online solution to track investments : compare performances, benchmark, monitor positions, fees, allocations, etc..

Business challenge

Create an investment tool from scratch

Retrieve market prices from different sources

Apply all business rules depending on the exchange source

Project description

Dirox needed to learn investment business process and correct computations to compute for reports

Dirox get acclimated with different potential market price sources, choose the best one and implement its integration on the platform

Private Reporting Poster
Private Reporting poster
Private Reporting poster

Value delivered

Understand client's context and his need

Create a proper UI/UX based on client needs on both web and mobile app versions

Create a tailor-made platform for the client

Project & technology stack

PHP, Code Igniter

1/2 Project Manager

4 Developers

1 QC

+ 24 months of partnership

screenshot private reporting
Screenshot private reporting
Screenshot Private Reporting

Website :

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