June 2, 2022

How Digital Business Consultants Help your Business Grow

Do you represent a company that is already well established or do you want to create a start-up?

Do you want to transform your business or do you have goodideas for the development of a site or an application, but you are not onlylooking for technical support from developers, but for real “Growth Hacking” services to support your ambitions? 

Since 2003, Dirox has grown with you. From now on, in addition to our website, software and application development services, we provide consultants to assist you at all stages of your project.

Creation and development of your brand and its image, improvement of your internal processes, strategic advice in communications and analysis of your performance, Dirox is there to support you. 

How will our Digital Business Consulting services help you grow? Find all the answers in this article!

1. Increase Your Traffic

This is especially true if until now your company has only sold its services or products in the “real world”.

One of the very first steps to be carried out for any business in the 21st century that wishes to develop and grow its audience is to ensure an online presence.

In order to grow your audience, and move from regional to national or even global status, the internet is your best ally.

To reach the entire planet and successfully scale your entrepreneurial project, a digital business consultant will help you find new opportunities and:

Plan the infrastructure necessary for the growth of your business, in order to limit the risks that appear when increasing your production and capacities.
Create a scalable internet platform that will be able to both feed and support the development of your business. This requires having a technical structure strong enough to support additional visits, but also designing a "User-friendly" interface thanks to UX / UI experts so that your audience has a good browsing experience on your site.
Appear in search engines. This is where the majority of your traffic will come from. It is therefore necessary to establish strategies and put in place actions that will allow you to rank at the top of search-results for the keywords of your industry. This requires the intervention of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts, to take advantage of so-called “natural” traffic, by optimizing your keywords, your links with the rest of the internet, or create content with high value. This can be done through the intervention of experts in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), who will create paid ads on Google, Bing, or others, to supplement natural traffic or fill in the gap, by obtaining new relevant customer visits quickly.

1. Inform Your Audience More Efficiently, At All Times.

In the modern age, consumers expect to obtain rapid information on your prices, availabilities, conditions, guarantees, and even reviews of your company. It is thus imperative to take the lead and cater to these needs. 

First of all, this requires the development of a showcasesite or online store, but not only, as you will find that your E-Reputation goes well beyond that. 

For this, a Business Digital consultant will be able to advise you on:

How to create a website or an application that can best answer all of your target's questions about your business and what  it has to offer whilst displaying your products and services in the right light. 
How to maintain dialogue interactively with your audience, through emails, online agents, scripted chatbots, or through the use of social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and the intervention of community managers.
How to be seen on media other than your own website and your social networks, such as consumer review platforms, local databases (Google Business and other directories) aggregators or comparators of products and services (e.g: Google Shopping), or finally online stores.

By using the services of a digital communication expert, you will create a feeling of ubiquity for your company's services and products, allowing for them to emerge from anonymity and to become a recognized brand, which in turn will generate more leads, more customers, and more revenues for your business.

2. Boost Your Creativity and Retain Your Audience

This is the key role of any communicator: to think of innovative and original ways to speak to your audience, in a world where competition requires to always finding ways to stand out from other companies.

To make a difference, there's nothing like calling on experts in digital communication.

By studying the trends and fashions of a market, by testing new content, new commercial speeches, a digital marketing consultant will offer you a new approach while always keeping in mind the best interests of your target.

Its missions include the creation of:

Content with high added value: blog articles, videos, posts on social networks, collaborations with influencers, display campaigns in the online press… in order to inform or entertain your target.
Disruptive communication media: temporary online pop-up stores or interactive games and engaging mobile applications to wow your audience and keep them on edge. 
Promotional activities: contests, occasional or seasonal promotions campaigns to have your customers engaged at all times.
Retargeting campaigns: keep your visitors and customers engaged in your products by exposing them to products they showed interest in, with display campaigns all over the internet, through emailing and SMS targeted operations.

Thanks to digital communication experts you can renew yourcustomer approach, be active throughout the year, and be perceived as a trendy and dynamic brand.

3. Leverage Your Data

It is no coincidence that all the biggest players in the industry are talking and fighting about it: the collection and use of data is the new el dorado of digital business.

We are not talking about privacy concerns, but above all of making good use of the data collected by your company in order to use it effectively in the development of a strategy.

A data analysis expert will study all the key figures of your online activity to make a complete diagnosis and draw the right conclusions:

Correct your mistakes: for example, by empirically noting conversion problems for a page, a product line, a device, an audience, etc. Thus, you can rethink your ways or even change your business model to achieve better performance.
Measure the effectiveness of your actions: returns on investment, engagement, and many other metrics will allow you to make better decisions and better target your audience on multiple criteria, such as:consumption habits, geography, demographics, personality, etc. Generalize A/B testing to come to the best conclusions.  
Study market trends: using Big Data and external databases, an analyst will be able to highlight the risks and opportunities in your industry to get a head start on your competitors.

The analysis of your company's figures and KPIs is too often left aside due to a lack of time. Do not miss any more of the rich insights they offer by calling on a data expert!

5. Manage A Crisis

If your business is going through a tough time, there's nothing like taking a fresh look to re-evaluate your strategy.

In the case of a communication crisis for example, a marketing consultant will be able to find solutions so that consumers forget negative publicity or help you bounce to back, restoring yourreputation. 
If your business suffers from delays or an inefficient supply chain, a Business Digital consultant will find solutions to speed up your process and increase your productivity. 
In short, there is no problem that cannot be solved when applying the right method, especially nowadays with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Get out of a bad situation by talking to the right people!

If you want to take a step forward, grow, solve internal problems, and want to be accompanied by seasoned experts, contact Dirox now.

We assist you not only in the development of your digital projects, but also in the construction of your branding, your communication, and in your internal processes, so that your business grows on every level.