Cross platform / game / advertising

Ksubaka uses the language of games to create engaging experiences able to attract a high number of shoppers and raise brand awareness near point of sale.

Ksubaka Gameplay
Chessy for Ksubaka
Ksubaka dim sum exemple

Business challenge

Ksubaka needs a reactive digital partner to build and maintain his interactive solution (displayed on touch screen playspots ). His challenge deals with creating content, wrapping it with Kusbaka’s SDK and finally deliver with short deadlines.

Project description

The objective is to produce and maintain Unity games on Android tablets for marketing and communication purposes. After a 2-months trial, Dirox allocates a full-time team made up of a developer and a game designer, to create, test and maintain on demand games.

Ksubaka poster
Ksubaka poster
Ksubaka poster

Value delivered

Our reactivity and our high standard of development are the key success factors of our partnership with Ksubaka : the average production time for one game is from 2 to 4 weeks.

Project & technology stack


1 Project Manager

5 Developers

1 QC

18 Months of partnership

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