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Build great software, websites or apps using Go or scale your teams by hiring Go developers outsourced in Vietnam with Dirox.

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What is Go?

Dirox Offshore Go Services

About our Development Company

Dirox is an offshore software, website & app development company founded in 2003 in Ho Chi Minh City, with offices all around the world in France, Canada, Japan & Vietnam. 

We offer the services of our talented Vietnamese Developers & Western Project Managers to cover all your Digital needs in English, Vietnamese, French & Japanese.

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Why Outsource Go Development?

Flexible & Scalable
Get the exact required development resources at the right moment. Freely upsize or downsize your own outsourced coding teams, and manage their time by day, month, or more. 
Top-Notch Code Quality
Our developers work hand in hand with our Quality Assessment department to make sure that delivered code have been thoroughly tested and optimized for the best performance and reliability.
Cost Efficient
Hire experienced Vietnamese software engineers for a fraction of your In-House costs. Save money on hiring process, infrastructure, training and turn-over on top of benefiting from affordable offshore rates of South East Asia.
Fast and Responsive
Start your next project in a blink of an eye with virtually no downtime. Our teams are ready in a heartbeat and communicate efficiently with you at all times with proactive feedbacks & reports.

Collaboration Models

We offer various organizational frameworks to best accommodate your goals and needs for tailor-made services.

Fixed Priced Project

We define with you a detailed scope of work based on your requirements and a fixed timeline, and deliver that exact scope for a fixed price.

Time &

Our “à la carte” offer, where you get access to the resources you need freely, just when you need them, and for the duration you want, at our standard rates.

Build, Operate & Transfer

We build and manage tailor-made legal entities operating for you, satisfying your every need (team composition, H.R, accounting…). When the time is right, we transfer the department to your company.

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